Canvas Creations

There isn't much that I love more than putting my creative energies into fun art projects. As far back as I can remember, I've always been totally and completely enthralled in crayons, markers, glitter, glue... basically anything that falls into the arts and crafts category. Drawing is like therapy for me. I could literally spend hours focusing on one drawing, making sure each line and angle are just so, selecting the perfect colors and materials to bring it to life. While I enjoy drawing most anything, my favorite subjects are Disney characters. They're so expressive and magical...

This past year, I've begun creating my artwork on canvas sneakers and totes. So cute and perfect for gifts! Here are some of my canvas creations... Feel free to post comments or leave suggestions for future projects!

Alice In Wonderland Sneakers:

Small Winnie-the-Pooh Tote:

Large Cinderella Tote:

(This tote was designed for a friend, whose name begins with an M, as a gift.)