Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Like many people, I made myself a bucket list. Anything and everything I have ever said that I would love to do someday… Every place I’ve ever thought would be exciting to explore someday… People that I would like to meet and the life that I hope to have someday. I listed them one by one, in no particular order. When I took a minute to look over my list, I was not satisfied. I couldn't put my finger on what exactly was wrong with it until a few days ago.

I finally came to the realization that the problem was that it was a list. Don’t get me wrong--- I love a good list! It’s a great way to stay organized and I keep a to do list of things that I HAVE to do on my desk at all times. This list is only for things that have a deadline though. My bucket list reminded me of a dreaded to-do list, something that is dictated by obligations, not my own wishes.

So I wrote each item on my list onto its own strip of pastel paper, rolled it up, and secured it with one of the silver wedding rings you can find in bags available in craft stores. Then I filled two mason jars with all of my hopes and dreams and sat them on one of my bookshelves so that I can look at them everyday.

Here’s looking forward to someday!